The Healthy Way to Tan

Spray tanning is a healthy alternative to sunbathing or sun bed tanning and takes less than 15 minutes.

How it works

Why get a spray tan?

We all love that radiant, healthy, bronzed, just back from an island holiday look but from young we have learned that the excess UV rays of the sun (or a sunbed) is not good for our skin.

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Where can I get a spray tan?

We have salons and beauty practitioners all over the country using our solution and products. Click on the link below to find one in your area and get your spray tan today!

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8% Spray Tan Solution

8% Solution

Our 8% spray tan solution is ideal for clients who are light haired, fair skinned with freckles.

Spraytan Machine

Spraytan Machine

Light weight and perfectly portable, the Mini-Mist® is expressly designed to apply tanning solutions evenly and efficiently.

12% Spray Tan Solution

12% Solution

Our 12% spray tan solution ideal for clients who are not sensitive to the sun and tan deeply.

Exfoliating Body Cream - Salon size

Exfoliating Body Cream

Small Mitt & Tan Extender Combo

Mitt & Tan Extender

Pre & Post Tanning Leaflet

Physique Competition Tan

Oil Free
Not sticky
or greasy
100% natural